Character:  Flo


Cindy Jefferson was born February 9, 1963 in Harlem, NY. She received a scholarship to attend The Lenox School from 7th-12th grade! While in 8th grade, Cindy knew that she wanted to be an actress. The realization of her dream did not come to fruition until after she was an adult, mother of 2 high school graduates and divorced. Excited that she was finally pursuing her dreams, she came running back to her passion for acting. Cindy quickly responded and began taking acting classes at Harlem School of the Arts. Her motto is " It's never too late to pursue your dreams!"Cindy L. Jefferson is known for her work on Madea's Big Happy Family (2011), Mothers Day (2012) and The Glades (2010).  For more information on Cindy l. Jefferson click the IMDB link below.


Character:  May


Yvonne A. Ward had an exciting career as a professional dancer earlier in life.  Yvonne received her formal dance training at the Jamaica School of Dance where she also discovered her love for Theater. Since then, Yvonne has not looked back and is enjoying her new found passions as an actress. She believes the challenges she faced in life prepared her for the role of May. Yvonne Ward is known for her work on Jackpot (2013), Twisted Mines (2015) and It's Supernatural (2007).


Actors seen in the trailer and short film, portray the named characters to help visualize the film

while in its fundraising / pre-production stage, and may or may not appear in the feature film.